If there are any issues to discuss (website content, article, sales policy, etc.), please send your question(s) here. However, please check out the list of frequently asked questions before posting a question since there may be answers or solutions available to your concerns.

How many websites can I use plugin and theme on?

Plugin and theme are used on as many websites as you like. They are purchased as NOT LIMITED packages or does not require license during use; therefore, you can install on as many websites as you like. You can also share our plugin and theme for others without any problems.

Why do we offer the CHEAP prices?

“Together we can change the world”. If you buy from a vendor alone, the price will be high and it will be difficult for you to have access to good quality products. So, why do not we buy generic for the cost reduction? Keep that in mind, Theme Group Buy applies buy generic sales form so that everyone can access good quality products at low cost.

Are all Plugins and Themes genuine products?

We commit that all our products are 100% genuine products. All plugins and themes are purchased directly from the supplier’s website and we only redistribute without interfering or modifying the products. This means that all the products are original at Theme Group Buy.

Do I get direct support from the manufacturer?

Unfortunately, you are NOT. If you want to receive the technical support from the manufacturer, you are required to purchase the product(s) directly from their website and they will support you through your registered account.

However, when you purchase theme or plugin on Theme Group Buy, we can provide technical support to you to our possible extent. In addition, we may send TICKET directly to the manufacturer on your behalf if that is necessary to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

How long will I receive the theme, plugin after payment? How do I receive it?

After confirming the payment is succeed, you will receive the product(s) immediately. To get the theme or plugin, go to MY ACCOUNT ➜ DOWNLOADS.

➤ NOTE: If you are not received the product(s) in your account after 01 hour of making payment, please contact us for support.

How is 01 year of using counted?

WordPress products are offered in 02 packages, 01 year and 03 years. 01 year is 365 days and 03 years is 1095 days. The date will be counted starting from the date of order completion.

Can I still use the themes or plug-ins I have purchased after expired date?

The expiry date is the time when you receive the updated version and support from Theme Group Buy. You will still be using theme or plugin product(s) after expired date. However, your product will be deleted from your account after expired date and you will not be able to receive the new updated version and not be able to download it again. Therefore, you should download theme or plugin product(s) that you bought before the expired date.

Are all plugins and themes updated frequently?

All products are updated regularly and directly from the supplier. However, due to the high number of products, there may be some shortcomings during the update process. Therefore, if your product has not been updated yet, please contact us for support.

What should I do if the plugin or theme product(s) asks for license, purchase code or active code etc. during using process?

Please do not bother and ignore this. For WordPress plugin or theme product(s), the license only works to request for technical support from the manufacturer or automatically update. Please do not worry since the product(s) will work well with full functions without license.

Does Theme Group Buy offer the key, license, serial number, etc?

Unfortunately, NO. In order to avoid the key blocking from the vendor, the Theme Group Buy will not provide the key in any form (except for using the theme or plugin installation service(s) from Theme Group Buy). This is for your own benefits and other customers (because the key is used incorrectly, especially the products of themeforest will be blocked).

However, as mentioned above, the product will still work well with full functions without a key. Key only works to update the new version, and it will be done by the Theme Group Buy.

How do I update the plugin / theme?

Updates are released by the manufacturer. As soon as the latest version is released, please go back to our website, log in and download the latest version to your computer. Then, you can replace the old version with the new one.

Do I get a refund?

The difference between the Theme Group Buy and other sales places is the “100% SATISFIED GUARANTEE ” policy when making a purchase. With the confidence of genuine quality, we will refund within 07 days from the date of order completion and in accordance with refund regulations.