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Customers can order online at Theme Group Buy through 6 steps, as follows:

[accordion title=””][accordion-item title=”Step 01: Search for products”]
You can search for products in the following ways:

  • Option 1: Enter the product name in the search box.
  • Option 2: Find products by topic, brand, category.
  • Option 3: Search for new products, best sellers, etc.

See the illustration below for more information on product search locations:
Search for products

[accordion-item title=”Step 02: Add product to cart”]

Once you have found the desired product(s), please click on the image or product name to go to the product details page, then:

  • Check product information: price, promotion information, version, supplier.
  • View or try out themes and plugins.
  • Add product to cart.

Add product to cart

After adding the product(s) to your shopping cart, your product information will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. You can make a payment or manage your shopping cart. If you want to continue shopping, please repeat step 01 to find the next product.

Add product to cart
[accordion-item title=”Step 03: Check and manage shopping cart”]

Once you have finished selecting the product(s), if you want to manage the cart and order, select shopping cart in step 02. You will see an interface as below:

Check and manage shopping cart

At this stage, you can add or delete products if you want. Finally, if you want to make a payment, please click on “CHECK-OUT”.


[accordion-item title=”Step 04: Provide payment information”]

Please fill in the fields marked with * (this is required) and choose the form of payment. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one at this step.

Provide payment information

[accordion-item title=”Step 05: Check-out”]

At this step, the system will redirect you to the payment page of Paypal. The interface looks like this.


Follow the instructions on the payment page to make a payment for your order.


[accordion-item title=”Step 06: Complete”]

After completing the payment steps above, you will receive an email notification. The content of this email provides you details of the order with the download link (if exist), the interface will look like this:

Order Complete