“CUSTOMER-CENTRIC” is our business value. Therefore, the Theme Group Buy will check the quality of the products, provide the best assistance to customers for satisfaction and trustworthy of the customer at the highest level. This means that we will not trade the PRESTIGE and TRUST for profits.


Theme Group Buy only shares and supplies the genuine products from famous and trusted brands in the markets. We guarantee not using products from unknown sources, null or modified code products, etc. Our genuine products are purchased and collected in many years of web service working, from which redistribute. Therefore, customers are guaranteed received the best, full and original products.


Theme Group Buy will always try our best to give customers the best prices. At the same time, promotions and discounts will be given at Theme Group Buy site on a regular basis to help customers get access to good products at low cost. We believe customers are wise, so they will understand the value of the product(s) they purchase on our website.


All premium products are copyrighted and redistributed in the form of “buy generic”. The number of products may be limited but we assure the genuine products; therefore, we will not compare the quantity with other sellers. We want to deliver the satisfaction to our customers because of the quality of the product than the quantity and not genuine as others.

However, our products will always be updated regularly to bring more choices to our customers. Thereby, customers will also have more experience when purchasing and using the products that Theme Group Buy provides.


With our business value, “CUSTOMER-CENTRIC”, we will always try our best to deliver the most satisfaction to our customers. Therefore, if you have complaints or you are unsatisfied in terms of services, quality of products, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

We always put the satisfaction of customers first as the joy and motivation to improve ourselves for a better quality of service. Hence, we are looking forward to receiving the opportunities to serve our customers.